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DCSX Tradeable Listing Approval for Curacao International Holdings

Curacao International Holdings approved to list on DCSX

September 28, 2020 Willemstad, CW

DCSX has approved on August 24, 2020, the tradeable listing of 31,376,408 shares of Curacao International Holdings N.V. (DCSX Symbol: CWIN) with an initial market capitalization of USD 10,708,764.08. Amergeris Global Listing And Exchange Services the mandated Listing Advisor.

The Company has been incorporated under the laws of Curacao as a public limited liability company, or a Naamloze Venootschap (NV) on May 25, 2020. The Company has been formed to invest in, lending to, and acquiring interests in companies, businesses that satisfy its investment mandate. The main focus of Curacao International Holdings N.V. is as a structured debt provider to established private or public cash-flowing corporations.

The Company aims to become the leader in providing innovative, efficient capital solutions to established cash-flowing businesses active in the technology, health, industrial, real estate, consumer, consumables, agriculture, and ancillary industries, that are past the development stage. By its flexible and innovative structure, it focuses on providing growth capital. Furthermore, it leverages its management team’s knowledge of operations and corporate finance to provide growth capital to corporations with a 12-36-month time horizon.

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