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Return of principal by way of developing CIH into a liquid dividend paying security will factor into all investment decisions.”

Curacao International Holdings n.v. (CIH)  Guiding Principles - Investment

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Principal Activities

CIP compliant Active Asset Manager focused on yield, capital appreciation and return of principal.


Curacao International Holdings n.v. (CIH) has been formed to invest in, lend to, and acquire interests in growing and cash flowing businesses. We provide structured investment to established private and public cash-flowing companies.

Target Investment Allocation.png

Investment Mandate

CIH structures the Portfolio around the Preservation and Return of Your Principal:

Real Estate: 50% of investable capital will be invested in real property with no more than a loan to value ratio of 50%.  Investments considered will be income producing properties in residential, commercial, industrial, and near-term development opportunities. 

Dividend/Fixed Income: 25% of investible capital will be directed to quality, liquid securities with a focus on capital appreciation and yield. Such investment vehicles include equities and liquid fixed income investments such as short-term papers and corporate bonds.

Direct Business Investment/Financing: 25% of investible capital will be deployed in the form of direct investment in growing companies. The focus will be on investments that offer upside potential through warrants and liquidity events such as IPO, M&A or Redemption. 

- H Jackson Brown Jr., Author
“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity”  
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