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About Curacao International Holdings n.v.

“CIP Compliant Asset Manager focused on preservation of capital”​​

Curacao International Holdings N.V. (CIH) is located in Willemstad, Curacao, a DCSX (Dutch Caribbean Stock Exchange) listed corporation, trading symbol: "CWIN", to serve the Caribbean and European market. Its North America operations are located in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Our smart capital model:

  • We are an experienced asset management team with deep understanding of operations and portfolio management

  • We make Individual Investments between $USD1.5-10M

  • 12-60 month time to exit for individual asset investments

  • Certain exceptional asset investments could be long-term hold 

  • Revenue model included interest income, dividend yield, rental income & capital gains


The innovative solutions provided by the Company serve to finance the needs of established cash-flowing high growth businesses for:

  • Equipment upgrades and equipment financing

  • Acquisition capital

  • Sales and marketing campaigns

  • Purchase order financing

  • Capacity/project financing

  • Special situations/Distress assets financing

The Company is also qualified as an approved investment under the Curacao Investor Permit ("CIP") program. The Company offers its qualified immigrant investors to receive Curacao resident permit and a path way to become a Dutch (an EU member) national subject to the resident program they enrolled.

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